Hydrobath Service

Fresh Fido hydrobath is a complete service which leaves your dog’s coat looking, feeling and smelling fantastic.

Fresh Fido hydrobath uses a heated water system and heated blow dry for your dog’s comfort.  We use ample shampoo and conditioning product which is massaged thoroughly into the dog’s coat which ensures a complete clean.  A Fresh Fido hydrobath services takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2hours and  includes the following;

  • Nails clipped (if required)
  • Desheding brush (if required)
  • Shampoo rinse with the best shampoo to suit your dog’s needs.
  • Conditioning rinse
  • Ears cleaned  with specially formulated ear cleaning solution.
  • Three stage drying system to ensure your dog comes back to you completely dry.
  • Liver treats so your dog is always happy to see us again for their next Fresh Fido experience.