6 Good Reasons to get your Dog clipped

  1. Your dog becomes uncomfortable and irritated when their coat become matted and knotty. This can lead to hot spot and other skin issues from not enough sunlight and air circulation through your dog’s coat.
  2. Your dog will be able to handle the warmer weather much better when he/she is clipped regularly. (particularly elderly dogs)
  3. Your dog is much easier to check for ticks and fleas when they are clipped regularly.
  4. If your dog is an indoor dog you will be vacuuming much less frequently.
  5. If your dog loves a swim at the beach he/she will be much easier to dry before getting back in the car.
  6. Above all, once freshly clipped and groomed your dog will look and feel great.  He/she will be noticeably happier and have more energy  the moment the clip and groom session is complete.

The importance of paw clipping

Before Clipping

After Clipping